A line of products
inspired by the great leader and the Island of Elba

From the fertile territory of the island of Elba, was born Botteghe D’Italia’s “Napoleon” line of perfumes. Created in Porto Azzurro, by the expert hands of a pharmacist, who for years has nurtured and cultivated a passion for perfumery, and managing to expertly bottle the flavours and fragrances of the island; using plants that grow naturally on its soil, combining the characteristic odours that cannot be found anywhere else in Italy or the rest of the world.

It is inspired by the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte, the greatest leader of all time, who during his exile on the island, developed a deep love Elba and its landscape.

Every one of these fragrances, born in the heart of Elba, is handcrafted with the purpose of capturing the essence of the island in every perfume, and leaving a memory of the feelings one experiences visiting the Island of Elba. Each flask is created using only purely natural raw ingredients found on the island. It is for just this reason that the final product is of such high quality. Every step, from production to packaging, is carefully controlled, and the native natural ingredients guarantee unique authentic fragrances, with the least risk of allergic or adverse reactions.