Grappa made with the same grapes used for the production of Chianti Classico.
Made in Tuscany – Italy – in Limited Edition

Production Method

The grappa is distilled from the fermented skins of the grapes used for the production of Chianti Classico. The selected skins are sent to the distillery still wet, to be processed with the utmost care, in order to obtain a grappa that has the same character as the wine. The distillation, is by ‘disalcolation’, a process where the alcohol is first separated from the grape skins, by an alembic discontinuous steam current, inside copper cauldrons, and then heated in an airtight ‘bagnamaria’.



In the glass, it has a transparent, clear and bright appearance.
To the nose, the aroma of its distillation presents itself, clean, intense and very fine, with a decisive and delicate alcoholic note, at the same time. The fragrant scents are clean and pure, unaltered by flavouring or its passage in wooden casks. The fragrant bouquet is decisively fruity, small red fruit, reminiscent of berries and cherries, with pleasant notes of dried grass. Surprisingly, it’s in its persistence that its olfactory finesse is confirmed.
In the mouth, it is soft and warm, well-balanced, harmonious and persistent. Its taste is dry, leaving the tongue clean and dry, with no sugary aftertaste, enriched by the evolution of the perfumes, already perceived in the nose. It has a robust body, and the structural components of the spirit, contribute to enhancing its quality, which one is pleasantly reminded of with every taste.
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    500 ml

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