Our values

Our values
The Italian tradition handed down from generation to generation
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A History of quality

The limited edition of each product, is an expression of a manufactural production, in which man is at the heart of the creation; where the technical expertise of the craftsman, his continual research and technological innovation, is the form through which the greatness of man himself, finds true application.

Every product requiring an intangible but absolutely vital, ingredient… Time!

A production, which is slow and respectful of the ingredients, all fresh and seasonal, harvested and processed the same day, and respecting man’s normal work cycle. A tradition that is the result of more than a thousand years of history and experience, synthesized in the products that Botteghe D’Italia carefully selected for their clients; people of culture and sensibility, able to perceive and understand the value of the quality, history and work, that is behind each little masterpiece, that has been selected to delight their customers.


Why botteghe d’Italia?

On reflection, Botteghe D’Italia’s goal is not expressed by what appears on the surface. It is something more ethical, and we believe, more radiant; that is, bringing people and their creative and technical genius, to the centre. We do not want to be critical of modern times and technology, which is part of today’s world, but it is our intention to elevate the importance of the human hand and mind, in the production process, keeping alive the sacred fire of passion, for his work; something which should be re-evaluated, in order to give sense to what we are and what we do. The great master craftsmen are remembered in the Olympus of field, for their work, made following the timing of the rhythm of life, and remain.

We cannot say the same for everything in our modern economy, which follows a frantic and compulsive pace. We are not wanting to save the world or its ‘soul’, but we are definitely committed to promoting a certain vision, of things and the world, as well as safeguarding, as far as possible, the traditions, its creativity, its art and its craftsmanship professions, on which are built the distinctive tracks, for which Italy is famous.