becomes a distributor

Becomes a distributor
Our products: a sign of love for the Italian territory.
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“Storie D’Italia” chose us!

A tangible example of the success of Botteghe D’Italia is “Storie D’Italia”, a Japanese portal that addresses an exclusive target, careful to choose a product of absolute Italian excellence.

Why choosing Botteghe D’Italia?

  1. The products are selected by our internal “quality-control” department, which in addition to tasting the products for an organoleptic evaluation, controls the entire production process.
  2. We guarantee a complete range of products under our brand, a constantly growing line. By putting our brand on a product, we guarantee the best quality, the limited edition, the handicraft production and the strictly Italian origin.
  3. Our sales department is available for any questions and requests, to help you implement and develop the distribution chain.

You can offer your availability to market our Botteghe D’Italia brand products by filling out the form below, specifying the details of your company and the country (s) in which you want to market them. Each request will be evaluated by our sales department, which will respond in a few days.

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