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About Us
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  • Mazzanti Automobili

    News from Mazzanti’s website
    Mazzanti premiere in Taiwan

    Mazzanti automobili is proud to announce the great success during the official premiere in Taiwan. The past weeks have been very busy for Mazzanti automobili, one of the few independent Hypercar manufacturer all over the world, whose brand is well-known and highly-appreciated globally. A special Evantra in a particular colors combo have been involved in 3 different events from Taichung to Taipei, in order to present Mazzanti Automobili for the first time in Taiwan.

  • True Italian Taste

    Project promoted and funded by the Ministry of Economic Development, and coordinated by Assocamerestero

    Interview for the magazine of the Miami Chamber of Commerce, April 2018
    More than selling, sharing values
    Interview with Marco Bandinelli who, together with Gabriele D’Ambrogi, brings “Botteghe D’Italia” (Italian shops) to conquer the world

    Italy in front of the world, may seem small, fragile… inadequate – sometimes – to seize and face the challenges of the open seas of globalization. But as soon as we cross our borders, we understand, much more than we can from home, that our fathers have given us all the potential to make Italy a super power. A super cultural power. We have an international heritage and credit far superior than we ourselves perceive it. Worldwide, producers of all types of goods use the Italian languages a message of quality and beauty, and as a guarantee odf excellence. Italian sounding brands are a scourge, but the phenomenon should also make us think of the many opportunities we have lost and above all on how much margin of growth the Italian brand still has worldwide.

    This is why initiatives that attempt to coherently group even small artisan enterprises of extraordinary quality must be valued with enthusiasm and strongly supported.

    “Botteghe D’Italia” is one of these beautiful and praiseworthy iniatives. It is the result of the skill and devotion of two professionals who share the same values, and accountant and an entepreneur, Marco Bandinelli and Gabriele D’Ambrogi.