La Madeleine is a young company that Linda and Massimo D’Alema lead on behalf of their children Giulia and Francesco who are the owners.

It is 15 hectares of land, of which about 6.5 engaged in the vineyard, between Narni and Otricoli, in the province of Terni, between 250 and 300 m above sea level. The property, purchased in 2008, he appeared in very different conditions from those of today: a large shed for the breeding of cattle, a recent sparsely stable building surrounded by clay soil and almost completely devoid of vegetation. Long and consistent work has profoundly transformed the image and mission of those places.

The old company today remains only the name, La Madeleine, attributed to it by the previous owners. A load of intense literary evocations name that had a secondary weight in the decision and Linda Massimo to begin this new adventure together, in a mature age but with an eye to the future of their children. The company’s products: Nerosé, one rosé sparkling classic method pinot noir, ‘Sfide’ a wine without added sulfites based on an innovative technique shared with other companies in the Wine Research Team project, headed by Dr. Riccardo Cotarella famous winemaker; NarnOt a challenging red with great structure named in homage to Narni and Otricoli the two territories among them are the vineyards; and finally Pinot Noir La Madeleine.