Botteghe D’Italia

BOTTEGHE D’ITALIA is, and represents, the key that allows the world access to the excellence of the authentic MADE IN ITALY.
with BOTTEGHE D’ITALIA customers establish a direct relationship with the best, authentic Italian craftsmen, who have made the pursuit of perfection their reason for living (‘raison d’etré’); balance and harmony conjured from their own land, the very sap from which they draw inspiration and their ability to make their creations.

Our target

BOTTEGHE D’ITALIA is for the customer who is not only interested in an ‘Italian product’, but rather, who is attracted to and fascinated by the Italian lifestyle, the beauty of its land, its art and culture, and its manufacturing culture. Botteghe D’Italia is for the customer who seeks hidden treasures of ‘Italian manufacturing excellence’, in every form and in every area; who searches for unique, unrepeatable hand-made creations; the highest expressions of balance and harmony, in every sector, and as such are able to inspire awe. Botteghe D’Italia is for one who does not seek a product purely the gratification of fulfilling a need, but who would rather give sense to the purchase, that goes beyond the product itself … who wants to understand and ideally, share the way and values of the company that created it..

A Guarantee

He who trusts in BOTTEGHE D’ITALIA is only interested in the excellence that is ‘Made in Italy’, as it constitutes an absolute guarantee of: origin, place of production of the products and that of its associates, and respects the rigid discipline of authenticity. Through Botteghe D’Italia you virtually have access to several associated companies, and can visit any that you may wish.

Collaborate with us

Because working with BOTTEGHE D’ITALIAD’Italia means sharing a project that is greater than a simple commercial relationship, it means above all, closely sharing a project, promoting and spreading the Italian manufacturing culture, the beauty and harmony of Italian style, throughout the world, as if to ritually celebrate the charm and the magic of the work and of Italian creative genius. With BOTTEGHE D’ITALIA you access the highest level of Italian manufacturing excellence, in all areas and any field. In this way, in the construction industry, for example, you get the chance to fully ‘key in hand’ that goes from the construction of the building, to the furnishing details. Otherwise, in the fashion and accessories industry, you can have all the best of Italian tailoring, shoemaking, lingerie, jewellery and much more, at your disposal. In the agribusiness and food sectors, those who choose BOTTEGHE D’ITALIA will have the best of Italian food culture of excellence and above all the most popular and sought after products in the world.